The Psychology of Homicide Presentation

Steven Spingola in the Woods

If your organization is on the lookout for a fascinating guest speaker, please consider the Spingola Files' presentation, The Psychology of Homicide—an entertaining hour-and-a-half speaking engagement featuring former Milwaukee Police Department Homicide Detective Steven Spingola.

Known amongst his colleagues as 'the sleuth with the proof,' Spingola spent 15 years chasing down cold-blooded killers. Now, he uses a detailed Power Point presentation to walk those in attendance through challenging crime scenes while discussing the motives and mind-sets of predatory homicide suspects.

This presentation includes segments on Jeffrey Dahmer, the North Side Strangler serial murders, the slaying of a 15-year-old newspaper delivery boy, and the mysterious disappearance of a young Milwaukee girl.

Steven Spingola is also the author of Predators on the Parkway: a Former Homicide Detective Explores the Colonial Parkway Murders and The Killer in Our Midst: the Case of Milwaukee’s North Side Strangler.

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