The Saleable Seven™

In its entirety, drip marketing blends the concepts of direct customer contact (DCC) and strategic follow-up planning (SFP). Over a specific period of time, prospective customers are provided with multiple supplements of information, which bolster name recognition and reinforce a particular theme. The ultimate goal of a drip marketing campaign is long-term business growth.

For larger corporations, drip marketing initiatives are generally beholden to the “Law of 29,” a theory that focuses on contacting potential clients on 29 different occasions. Advertising campaigns of this nature are very elaborate and, more often than not, too expensive for small-to-medium sized companies.

At Badger Wordsmith, LLC, our revolutionary Saleable Seven™ drip marketing model is premised on seven targeted customer contacts. As a discount marketing house, BWS prides itself on developing cost effective materials for traditional or tailor made drip- sensible proposals. The Saleable Seven™ drip marketing concept gives entrepreneurs access to cost effective advertising solutions previously beyond their financial reach.

Current economic trends illustrate why reasonably priced alternatives to traditional advertising methods are growing in popularity. The Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank’s Economic Review, published in the second quarter of 2007, reports that businesses consisting of fewer than 20 employees accounted for almost 80 percent of net new jobs created between 1990 and 2003. However, many small companies find it impractical to employ a full-time marketing and/or communications specialist. As a result, DCC and SFP activities are either under utilized or virtually non-existent.

During these challenging financial times, it is no longer necessary to stand on the sidelines. Instead, give Badger Wordsmith, LLC a call, and let our Saleable Seven™ drip marketing initiative get your company back into the game before it’s too late to score.

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