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The vast majority of the tasks performed by Badger Wordsmith, LLC require a consultation. The initial consultation and a preliminary estimate are free of charge. At Badger Wordsmith, LLC, our goal is to deliver quality written copy and other professional services to our clients at an affordable price.

If you have a question regarding individual pricing or quotes, please contact us by using one of the following options:

Telephone: (715) 828-1702
U.S. Mail: Badger Wordsmith, LLC
2809 E. Hamilton Ave. #191
Eau Claire, WI 54701

For large projects, Badger Wordsmith, LLC offers a discount rate. This rate is also applicable for individual or corporate clients retaining the services of Badger Wordsmith, LLC.

Remember, no project is too big or too small. At Badger Wordsmith, LLC, we consider it a privilege to serve our clients. So why waste valuable time pecking away at a keyboard? It's never too late for us to help. Call Badger Wordsmith today.